Saturday, April 01, 2006

Monday, September 26, 2005

Why now?
Losing my other companion Giant my baby, baby my baby, or JJ was really tough.
Couldn't you be separated from Foxy? He left us less than a month ago!
You were trying to tell me that you were leaving us,
but I couldn't believe it.
We woke up this Sunday morning, and you were clinging to me.
You followed me wherever I went, then you made me follow you wherever you want.
You were trying to find a place to rest in peace, and I was following you trying to support you, to tell you how much we love you.
I saw a tear dropping from one of your eyes, I softly removed it and I asked why?!
You were trying to show me that we were living the last minutes of your presence.
And still I didn't want to accept this fact.
I felt your great fear. Was it that scary what you were passing through? Is it so scary the passage you were taking?
I hugged you to help reduce that fear, and you relaxed! Is it because you felt that I am close to you or because you lost the ability to fight?
What a feeling of emptyness without you!! A great void!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Losing a Fidel Companion
Foxy, one of my fidel companions stopped breathing
The beats of his big warm heart are silent; they stopped beating
Are you sleeping, resting, or already saying goodbye
to this world, to this home, to this family who loved you and whom you loved!
Three months ago, the vet said your heart was the biggest heart he had ever seen
of course he meant that you were very ill and probably won't survive the week.
But you survived, just for us
Your heart is really big because you just offer love
You defeated the expectations and offered us three additional months of unconditional love
You prepared us for your loss, but you didn't know that we can't be prepared enough
A loss is a loss
but you taught us the real, unconditional love
With you, physically around, we experienced that lovely warm feeling,
With you, spiritually around, you keep in us that lovely warm feeling
We are really lucky to have known you, you are really special
Thank you Foxy!
Thank you for the JOY and HAPPINESS you spread around
Thank you for your love
We Love you!

Friday, August 19, 2005

J'accuse la Tentation d'Inventer et d'Inviter la Corruption
J'accuse la tentation d'acquerir ce qu'en a l'autrui meme si ca ne nous convient pas
J'accuse la tentation d'essayer d'avaler les ronces des roses
et de se rassasier du vin rouge que sa engendre
J'accuse la tentation de s'accrocher a ce qui est ephemere et de s'envoler loin de ses terres
J'accuse la tentation de s'elever au dela de sa capacite et de se croire au dessus de tout
J'accuse la tentation d'aboutir au pouvoir et d'abuser de ses devoirs
J'accuse la tentation de se passionner du soi et d'oublier qu'on est rien sans toi
J'accuse le Moi; Mea culpa? Ainsi soit it la Corruption
J'accuse la tentation d'inviter la corruption